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A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.


Celebrate Good Times…Come On..

… it’s a Celebration.   Sierra Nevada 2014 Celebration to be exact.   6.8% ABV of fresh hop IPA yummyness,  and still only 8 bucks for a six’er.  


New Belgium Accumulation

A 6.2% ABV White India Pale Ale… just like it says on the decanter.  I’ve liked other breweries version of the same style better.  I found this a bit more dry than I wanted and the bitterness off somehow.


Golden Draak 10.5

2014 version of the brewmaster’s edition was aged in whiskey barrels.   Very smooth, somewhat sweet,  but not too sweet, with hints of toffee/vanilla flavors.  


2014 Holiday Yammer

Thanks Dave “Doggie Beer Bones” and Julie  for sharing your awesome home brew.  Really tasty.


Bolt Brewery in La Mesa

Quick stop by new brewery that just opened this past weekend… with an owner from the 1987 Bolt Brewery in Fallbrook. Nice outdoor patio and serving bar. 4 beers now with hopes for 20 soon. I tried the Chocolate Stout on nitro and enjoyed it. Others on tap included a Pilsner, Citra Pale Ale and […]


Bottlecraft LI moved…

Monday night we visited their new spot just a block North and across the street from their old location in Little Italy. Great expanded tap setup, tons of bottles, and nice new digs! I had the Prairie BOMB and Cherry Funk; Adam tried The Commons Urban Farmhouse and a couple IPAs. Niiiice


Cahoots II Saison

Very pleased with this light bodied saison from Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing.   Perfect post bike ride beverage.


Omniscience & Proselytism

Smells like a nice mix of sweet strawberries and the lacto of a lambic.  Tasting cold it is very tart with a dry finish.  Allow to warm a bit to get hints of fruit, though I don’t think I could have identified as strawberry.  Very tasty.  Big thanks to Julie PubQuest for smuggling it back […]


Pipeworks Derketo

Derketo is a 10% ABV imperial IPA fermented with Belgian wit yeast from Chicago’s own Pipeworks Brewing, smuggled back from our recent trip.  Lots of resin over the pine notes.  Nice bitterness with a dry finish.  Not as much malty sweetness as I expected, which is good.   The wit yeast makes it different, though not […]


Fall Brewing in North Park

Stopped in to check out this new brewery open a week or so… 6 on draft and 1 on cask. Plenty more planned for upcoming Grand Opening! #bikestop


Yay! Birthday Pliny

Beer gifts are a good idea.  Making it a Pliny the Elder is a great idea.   Thx Michele.

Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA

Orlando I-4 IPA

Another solid offering from Orlando Brewing, I-4 IPA is a nice balance of malt and hops in a classic American IPA. Good stuff, Florida.


Orlando Brewing Pale Ale

An organic pale ale from Orlando Brewing in Orlando, Florida (duh). A nice, well-balanced pale ale. I came to Florida not expecting much in the way of craft beer, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised both by the selection in hotels, restaurants and liquor stores, and the quality of the beers.


Jai Alai IPA from Cigar City

Went to dinner at #coasterspub in Melbourne. Great beer selection and the place is packed! Totally worth the visit.


Devils Triangle IPA

Down here on Florida’s Space Coast trying a few of the local brews. This one is Devils Triangle ipa from Florida Beer Co. in Cape Canaveral.


The Machine at Hopleaf

A awesome 5.3% abv American pale ale from Marz Community Brewing, Bridgeport,  Chicago.  Just what the doctor ordered… or at least recommended… for a Sunday morning.   Nice floral and fruity hop characteristics.


Solemn Oath

Fun visiting beer places in IL and IN!


3 Floyds Permanent Funeral

Starting our day at 3 Floyds Brewing in Munster,  Indiana.   I chose the 10.5% 100 IBU  pale ale.  Gotta start somewhere.   


World’s Biggest Bottle Share

What a fun event yesterday along 30th Street in North Park! Everyone brought bottles to share at many breweries/pubs/beer bars, and there were at-shirts, taster glasses and shuttles. We opted for bike transportation to work in a little exercise. Hopefully this event will make the Guinness World Book of Records!


Post Guild Fest SD 2014…Amplified

Slippery when Wet Hopped.  The last 2 kegs were held for SDBW, and they won’t last long.   New batch of Electrocution IPA is also on, and will also go fast, but that is in a big ‘ol serving vessel.   Look for Leggy Blonde and Electrocution IPA at Saturday SD Guild Fest.  Happy 2nd Birthday to […]


Don’t Bring Me Down…Zeus

So close to the ELO lyric we had to look it up.  I always heard “Don’t bring me down, Bruce”, or “Bruce,  don’t bring me down”, but apparently he was singing something much more obscure that just sounded like Bruce.  Well… according to the interweb anyway. Don’t bring me down, Zeus is a 8.6% ABV […]


What the Hell IPL

That’s what thought when grabbing something to sip in the jacuzzi.   For reals, Golden Roads india pale lager is called Might as Well IPL…just like you might notice on the photo above.  I felt it was a good option due to it’s pool safe packaging.  As for the beer, I found it just ok.  Didn’t […]


Carson’s Brewery Barrel Reserve 007

Friends brought this bottle of coconut rum barrel aged beer back from their hometown of Evansville,  Indiana, to share.  Nice oak and coconut flavors.  Rum is present but does not overpower the mild roasted malt flavors.  Not sure of the base beer,  but would guess a porter.  Very nice


Saranac Pumpkin Ale

A pumpkin beer on Halloween.  You know it’s good when it comes in a jug.


Princess Squared Fresh IPA

Continuing my month long adventure into wet hopped IPA this one is princess squared IPA from backstreet throughing in Vista. It is a wet hopped IPA with mosaic. 8.75% ABV pretty damn good.


Barley Forge Hefe

I snuck behind the Orange Curtain yesterday to pop in and see how head brewer Kevin Buckley (@buckleybrau) was doing in his new digs at Barley Forge Brewing Co. ( @barleyforge ) in Costa Mesa, CA. The place hasn’t opened yet, but they’ve got a soft opening this Saturday, October 25th, just to see how […]


La Flama Dorada & Coup D’etat

A stop at Pizza Port Ocean Beach.  The GABF award winning Belgian-style Tripel, La Flama Dorada, in the dainty glass for the lady,  while I chose a big boy glass of the fresh hop IPA made with Mosiac hops, Coup D’etat.


Sour Mead

Love this stuff! Made in Oceanside by Golden Coast Mead… We’ve had a couple of bottles, draft @amplifiedales, and tasters at the LJ Art & Wine Fest. Need to get up there and visit!


Solis Occasus #33

Greatly enjoy good IPAs in cans, and this did not disappoint.  I’m glad that Hess has numbered the Solis Occasus IPAs, to differentiate between them… some have liked more than others.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t see, or maybe didn’t recognize,  the version or number on the can.  The only reason I knew it was #33 was […]


Whistler Pale Ale

Surprisingly the piece of the Northwest is woefully lacking in hoppy beers so I am on my third day without an IPA. Fortunately there is no lack of good pales so I am muddling along. This one is from Whistler Pale Ale. Actually pretty good. #BC #coquitlam


Granville Island Pale Ale

Still in Vancouver Island and now having a Granville Island pale ale. I wanted the ipa but they were all out. Sage was sad but the pale isn’t bad.


Enjoy by 9.20.14 IPA

Doing my best to follow the simple instruction imprinted on the bottle by the manufacturer.


Sierra Nevada Harvest IPA

Third of five beers is a single hop IPA brewed with Equinox hops.  I really like trying single hop beers and sampling the characteristics it has to offer.  I enjoyed it.  And earthy bitterness and cedar aroma is right on.  Plus it’s 22oz for $6 in am easy to use decanter.   What’s not to like.


World of Beer (Orlando)

Tasters of Cigar City Lactobacillus Guava Grove on Cask, 2 Funky Buddhas, and a JDub’s…. #drinklocal


Red Betty IPA

A surprising IPA with a bold hop forward profile and a nice caramel coloring. From Central City Brewing in Surrey BC


Southern Slice

Collaboration beer from Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing and Athens’ Terrapin Beer Co. 


Daytripper at Ritual Kitchen

Must be Mother Earth Day, as I found myself ordering another Mother Earth Brewing beer when I stopped in at Ritual. 


Cans O Cali Creamin’

Found a few of these “props” in the fridge after the photo shoot today.  Way cool…Mother Earth Brewing’s Cali Creamin is now available in a pool safe  decanter.


BeerCycle Stop at Blind Lady

Pizza Port OB Flyin’ Hawaiian, a Bavarian – style hefe, in the big girl glass for the lady,  and Craftsman Mesa Verde, a barrel aged sour with white wine grapes, in the tiny snifter glass for me.   Yay beer!


Mango Tart Saison

Yep, just walked into a brewery in the middle of the day by myself like a big girl for this beer! Delicious! #councilbrewing


Toolbox Brewing

Vista’s newest brewery.   I missed their soft opening yesterday by minutes but was able to squeeze into their second opening today.  Impressive beers right from the start… what’s not to like.   Stand out beers were the tart saison and 11% ABV bourbon barrel-aged vanilla coffee porter.  Brett IPA was gone before I got there. Definitively […]



A collaboration between Ft Collins, CO breweries Odell and New Belgium, I found this to be a really good, classic American (read: hoppier than your typical pale) Pale Ale. No need to add weird adjuncts, ferment it in a used Honda, wave dead cats over it, or other gimmicks. A great beer all the way […]


Three Floyds Pride & Joy

Floral hop nose up front when poured from the bottle,  but it diminishes quickly.   Nice hop bitterness over a mild amber ale and a dry finish.  Mild ale must mean low ABV as it is not indicted on the bottle.


Sweet Baby Jesus and Daddy Fat Sacks

At our stop over in Philly our gate was next to Jet Rock Bar & Grill, which had a close to 50 taps, most of which were craft beers.  The lady chose the Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, and I chose the Daddy Fat Sacks IPA from Roy Pitz Brewing. 


Monarch Pilsner

It’s a hot day and perfect for enjoying one of the brews I brought back from our trip to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This one is Monarch Pilsner from Snake River Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wy.


St. Bernardus B & B Beers

The B & B has a honor bar stocked with St. Bernardus beers.  Liquid refreshments were necessary after biking appox. 30 miles through Belgium’s countryside.  I grabbed the Watou Tripel and the lady had the Grottenbier. 


Fort Lapin at ‘t Brugs Beertje

Tried a couple during our short stop at one of the best beer bars in the world… but only one pic on my phone.  Very good tripel.


De Dolle

Oerbier Special Reserva 2012 is their regular Oerbier aged in wine barrels…13% ABV sour yummyness. Dulle Teve (interpreted as Mad Bitch) 10.. their tripel, is one of their regular beers. Lichtervelds, is a seasonal hoppy Belgian blonde. All offerings were a little to hoppy for Michele, but with nothing lower than 8% ABV it makes […]


De Garre Tripel

Very possibly the best tripel I have had in my life…. but still trying to find one better.


Stone Enjoy By 08-16-14

Whew. Found this one in the back of the fridge and managed to pour it just in time! Can’t image what would have happened if I hadn’t found it until tomorrow.


Baby Face at Ritual Kitchen

Very refreshing session version of Alpine Beer Company’s Nelson IPA…like a half Nelson.   Team PubQuest bike beer stop #3. 


India Pale Ale from Nebraska Brewing

Per the label,  this 6.9% ABV beer was inspired by West Coast IPAs.  Malty and lingering bitterness, but I didn’t get any of aromatic citrus I thought I would get base on the words imprinted on the can.

enjoying a few different bottles

Grand Teton Brewing

Just over the hill from Jackson abd Sbake River Brewing is Victor Idaho, home of Grand Teton Brewing Company. A very large brewery for such a small town, the beer is terrific. I had the Sweetgrass APA with Simcoe hops while the wife enjoyed their famous Bitchcreek Brown.


Arizona Wilderness Brewing

A hip bustling brewpub in Tempe with great beer and a sour program… Glad I could pop in and try a couple; loved the Berliner Weiss!


Snake River Brewing

With the Mrs. in Jackson,  WY enjoying a couple of pints. That’s Pioneer Creek Porter on the left and Paka’s IPA on the right. #snakeriverbrewing


Some Sour Cultures

Made a quick stop at Culture Brewing before a concert at Belly Up and found two sour beers on draft: a grape sour and a cherry sour.  I enjoyed enough to make the trek back the next day after a day at the races… and was happy to see they were still available.   Both about […]


SPA at Home

Kinsa like a mini vaca…Enjoying  bottled version of Port Brewing’s Summer Pale Ale.  Seasonally available on draft for a couple years now, this is the first year for bottles.  Nicely balanced 6% ABV pale ale.  Or maybe I’m just excited that I got home from before dark…


Flying Saucer – Nashville

Work trip dinner destination night 2. Yay, make your own flight! Able to try some more new local/Southern beers.


12 South Taproom – Nashville

Work trip dinner destination night 1 in Nashville. Chosen for selection of local brews. Although no taster sizes available, I was able to try a few small tastes… Fav was the GABF award winning Yazoo Hefe.


True Blonde Dubbel

Hard to believe I found this beer from Durango, CO’s Ska Brewing at the same Escondido gas station I get my fine Mexican food.  Hell, for as long as Ska has been around it wasn’t distributed here in the lower right, and we could only get by bringing back in your luggage… that must have […]


Beers at BLAH

Allagash Victor for the lady and Pizza Port Su-Bourbon Stout on cask for me. Team PubQuest beer cycling beer stop #4. 


Faction Diverge IPA

A very nice IPA from Alameda CA on draft at Waypoint Public.  Team PubQuest beer cycling beer stop #3.


Loverbeer Beerbrugna

A sour wild ale with plums.  On draft at Brabant.  Team PubQuest beer cycling beer stop #2. Hashtag#fueledbycraftbeer


Urge IPA and Day Tripper…

.. at Mother Earth Brewing.  Both were very good,  but the Weizen Bock, Day Tripper, really hit the spot for me.


East Bayliner Weisse

The folks from Ale Industries, in Concord,  CA, did a great job with this barrel aged Brett Berlinerweisse.  A really good mix of tart and funk, light and refreshing.   All that and only 4.5% ABV.  Wish we could remember where we picked it up…I could go for another right now.


Maui Brewing Co, – Brewpub

Dinner last week at the Maui Brewing Brewpub in Lahaina included tasters of fun beers local to the island… My fav was “Barefoot Brew” (Amber Ale w/ Hawaiian Honey).


Bachelors’ Ball at Societe

Left to right Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hop versions of the Bachelor.  Reminds me of the single hop series that Mikkeller released a few years back…  OK,  maybe they make it every year and I just remember tasting them a few years back…. at the International Beer Festival at the Del Mar Fair in fact. […]


Ol’ Burro Tap 79 IPA

The new Trader Joe’s India Pale Ale, brewed and canned by Los Angeles’ Golden Road Brewing, is really pretty good.   Drinking right from the can there was a lot of grapefruit-like citrus up front,  but the intensity is a bit less as I continue to enjoy.  6.5% ABV in a 16 oz can for a […]


Leggy Blond & Treble Tripel

A great time to visit Amplified Ale Works/ California Kebab in PB.   The new batch of Leggy Blond is the best since, well… that time that… I guess ifhad justbeen a while.  And at only 5.something % ABV  they serve it in a big boy glass.  Great summer beer.  The tripel is served in one […]


North County IPA

a tribute to North County San Diego by Latitude 33 Brewing. One of the best IPAs I’ve had in a while.


Seattle Stop #16 (last one)

But, who is counting… Machine House Brewing located in a cool old brick building serving all beers from hand-pumped casks. Stopped in while waiting for Full Throttle Bottle shop to open before heading to the airport. (Bottle shop doesn’t follow posted hours, and we didn’t get to go in….)