My Beer Pix

A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.


Avery Maharaja IIPA

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had Maharaja from a bottle.  I’ve mostly enjoyed on draft.  Very tasty.


Cycle Brewing Derailer

The crowler of their double IPA traveled well from our recent trip to St. Pete.   Yumm.


5th Anniversary Big Mot Her

I would have guessed the beer included the newly discovered cluster type hop neo-mexic-anus based on the smell alone,  but was wrong if you believe what they wrote on the bottle.  One big (ass) mother of a beer…10.something percent…If I could only get up…I could tell for sure.


Rip Currant In the Curl IIPA

Chose this to go with my salad in an attempt at eating healthy…but going down too fast to expect any to still be in by glass by the time the food gets here.


Higashino Farmhouse Saison

A very good saison from Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co., brewed with green tea,  Asian pear juice,  rosehips,  Szechuan peppercorns, toasted brown rice ‘n shit.  I expect their “signature yeast blend” with Brett played a good part in making this what it is.   Funky and a bit tart, and it has that 6%ABV going for it […]


Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot

Had it not said braggot on the bottle I would have said strong ale.  Not sweet and I don’t notice blueberries, but it does have that 15%ABV thing going for it.   I know…I tastes like Klokke Roland…but higher octane.  From New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewing Co.


Calicraft Buzzerkeley

It tastes familiar…though can’t quite place it.   We kept tasting it and trying to recall what and where,  and…well.’s gone. 


Coppertail Free Dive IPA

Smuggled west from our recent Tampa trip.  Resin and pine nose,  but very mild bitterness.   Malt more pronounced as it warms.   Not bad,  but I would not classify it as an IPA, more like a pale ale.  No ABV listed on bottle but would guess between 5% and 6%.


Hop Freshener Citrusy and Piney

Just checked out the latest release from Port / Lost Abbeys Hop Project. Great hop profile but a little danker than I would have guessed. Still a delicious beer.


Sixpoint Hi-Res

The malty sweetness hides the 10.5% ABV.  Pleasant bitterness does not linger.


Ninkasi Expo 58

Very refreshing after a day of yard work.  5% ABV and only 20 IBU in this Belgian-Style golden pale ale. 


Up Top! IPA

From Sarasota, Florida’s Jdub’s Brewing Company.  Smooth and malty,  without lingering bitterness.  I enjoyed it.  It’s got that 6.5% ABV thing going for it as well.  


Citrus & Piney

Very nice IPA.  Still on draft at the brewery and only a couple of bottles left.   Get it while you can.


Coppertail Brewing Co.

We didn’t get a chance to try any of the Coppertail Brewing beers while in the area, but grabbed a few bottles to go before flying back home.  


7venth Sun Brewery

7 house beers on draft and a few guest beers.   Her favorite being Dancing in the Street, a Brett berliner Weiss with watermelon, my first to finish being the Intergalactic Pale. 


Beerpix Pix

“Wait, don’t drink yet.  I gotta take a picture.”  Tried Monk in the Trunk Belgian amber ale from Florida’s Inlet Brewing, and Florida Avenue India Pale Ale from Cold Storage Craft Brewery.


A little 4.20 at the Airport

By 4.20 I mean Stone Enjoy By 4.20.15 IPA.  By little I mean 12oz in lieu of the more often seen 22oz bomber.   I would hope no explanation needed on the word airport..


Enjoy By 4.20.15 IPA

Enjoying well before the Enjoy By date…which usually doesn’t happen unless on draft..though not sure why.


Modern Times Protocosmos IPA

Intense fruity and citrusy hop flavors over a light-bodied dry malt base…makes it quite enjoyable.   Can’t recall where I picked up, but more would be a good idea.


Ruby’s Tears

Fresh off the plane from Chicago is this gose with hibiscus from Marz Community Brewing Co.  Less tart and more salty then most gose I’ve tried.  Perfect for replenishing lost precious bodily fluids.


Saint Archer Mosaic IPA

Totally not expecting what I tasted.  Saw the “mosaic” and “IPA” and thought I should give it a try.  Very tasty, but didn’t realize it was a 9% ABV  double IPA until I had it in my mouth,  then read the bottle.  Piney n citrus n yummyness…grabbin more next time.


Council Brewing – Vienne

Picked up my bottles previously purchased via BPT, and had a little sample on tap!  This French style Biere de Mars was aged in Oak barrels for 4 or so months on persimmons and peaches along with the addition of a house Lacto/Brett blend.  The kegged version tasted very nice and smooth on tap today, […]


Board full of Tasters and A Handful of Peter

Picking up the first release from Toolbox Brewing Co.  Missed the Peter on draft by 30 minutes of so,  but still plenty to enjoy.   Tart X with apricots, Purple Drink, Grass Fed Lettuce and My Cousin Strawberry. Next going for The Virgin Cherry. 


Rip Current Tasters

Hoppy stop…R to L…Red Flag IIPA (9.2%ABV), In The Curl IIPA  (10.3%ABV), Double Impact Zone IIPA  (10.6%ABV) and Lupulin Lust IPA (8.3%ABV).



Typed the long way…South Park Brewing Company India Pale Ale.  Very tasty with the South Park Tacos.


Eagle Rock Ginger Saison

A lot of ginger at first.  The nose diminishes a bit over time, but it retains the ginger flavor.  At 5.3% ABV, it paired  well with a warmer than average March day.


Toolbox Sour Stop

L to R…tart X with apricots, Purple Drink and Grass Fed Lettuce.  3 of the 10 on tap today.  Darn good beer.


Grapefruit Scuplin

While trying out a new restaurant near my office my waiter suggested I sample the Sculpin IPA with grapefruit. Personally, I think Scuplin is already juicy and citrusy enough, so this one was a little over the top. But at least a had plenty to sample before I made up my mind.


Post BeerCycling Beer

Darn near 35 miles and 4 beer stops (Legacy Tap Room , Saint Archer, Alesmith and Green Flash).  Though a bit different than originally planned…with 2 stops added just before we passed them,  and one removed so we could avoid some hills, all in all a great day. A can of Swami’s can only make […]


A A Meeting

Had a lunch meeting at Slater’s 50-50 up in Lake Forest last week. After the meeting was over I decided to hang around and see what they had on tap. At the recommendation of my lovely bartender I ended up having this really nice IPA. A collaboration between Artifex Brewing (where Chris, the former headbrewer […]


Artifex Brewing Pico Pale Ale

At Churchills in San Marcos.  Very tasty and found it worked well washing down my fish n chips.   Their tap list is limited in preparation for 2015 Renaissance this Saturday.  Had my phone battery not died while there I could have snapped some preview tap list pics.  I wish I could remember more than a […]


Three Weavers Knotty DIPA

Very nice.  Kinda a small glass for 7 bucks…but maybe at 8.5% ABV they feel the need to help the average consumer regulate… or maybe it’s just me.


Saint Archer Pale Ale

Beer and fresh shucked oysters… sounds like a balanced meal… and at $1 an oyster and $5 a beer,  we may be here for a while.


Golden Road Brewing 2020 IPA

Picked up a couple cans to take for a spin, but didn’t read the box that may have provided some background.   I’m guessing it is named after the bitter, dank and resinous TV news duo of Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, or  maybe the keen eyesight of some young hipster. Though I would usually choose […]


Ironfire Synner Pale Ale

The lady got The Blondie from Acoustic Ale Works.  Should go well with our grilled chopped salad with salmon and grilled vegetables here at Promiscuous Fork..


Alesmith X

  …for me while the lady enjoyed the Saint Archer White. 


Harvest Wild Hop IPA

From Sierra Nevada, this last of their 2014 five batch Harvest series features the wild hop Neomexicanus.   First time I tried was on draft and it had the unmistakable scent of marijuana.  And not just a little like it…a lot like it.  With the bottle I didn’t get that at all… just the great wet […]


Post BLAH Mystery Bike Ride Refreshments

Decided not to try the flight and went straight to big boy glasses.  Automatic 6th Anniversary IPA for me and Automatic 6th Anniversary Belgian Blonde with Apricots for the lady. 


Modern Times City of the Sun IPA

Very much enjoying this newer released IPA from Modern Times Beer.  Found at Morena Costco for about five and a half bucks.  Grabbed more than one bottle this time.


Not a Golden Shower…

…I said 365 Day Golden Sour…. a 5% ABV barrel aged sour beer from Colorado Springs Trinity Brewing…jeez.  Smuggled back from our pre Christmas snowboard/ski trip a few months ago.  Very tasty.


Hop Freshener – Dank & Sticky

The first release or Port Brewing’s new Hop Freshener series of beers.  The nose is…well…dank… floral or citrus.   The flavor is nice balance of malt and hops that is…. well… sticky.  It kind of lingers on the tongue,  but just long enough to want another sip.  All that and only 8.5% ABV.


22oz of Enjoy By 10-31-14

Over to the side of the fridge and behind a growler, this little guy was passed up quite a few times since it’s enjoy by date.   Stored cold and 3+ months old,  tastes mighty nice right now.


Alley Time Pale Ale

Smuggled back by a friend from their recent visit to Chicago, and Spiteful Brewing.  A single hop American pale ale using Simcoe.  Enjoyed straight from the can…well, until I poured into a coffee cup so I could go for a walk.   Nice strong floral and citrus hop aroma when first opened,  but dissipates quickly.  Lighter […]


Triple Tonnellerie

A 9.5% ABV Belgian-Style tripel from the fine folks at The Bruery enjoyed at Brabant.


Chevalier Bertrand Du Guesclin

We were fortunate to pick up a few of these on our recent visit to 3 Floyds Brewing,  just an hour drive from Chicago.   Very good sour ale aged in wine barrels with blueberries.


Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

This is a slightly re-vamped version of the collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point. They lower the ABV and changed up the hops to make it more drinkable (or, more likely, more acceptable to the consumer market) and be able to produce larger batches. I think it turned out really well.  Hoppy, but light […]


Modern Times

From right to left… City of the Sun IPA, Funky Lomaland (a brett version of the regular hoppy IPA), and Sleepless City, a coffee brown ale.   All good, but of the three, we like the Funky best. 


Strand Brewing Atticus

This one is Atticus from Strand Brewing in Torrance, Calif. Not as hoppy as some IPAs, it has a nice malty character with a clean, hop finish. Judging by the yeasties in the bottom, its obviously true to the small batch claims on the label. I liked it a lot. I think I’ll look for […]


Red Nectar Ale

Still good, but doesn’t quite stand out as much as it did when I first tasted it way back when.  Malty amber with a nice hop balance.   Something I didn’t know ’til just now…Humboldt Brewing is now owned by Firestone Walker.


Harpy Blue Beer…

…snappy cool queer..I mean…crappy dude beard…no no…sappy few tear…stinky lew fear…blackie poo here…try’n new beer….Happy New Year…whew! Richmond, Virginia’s Hardywood Park Craft Brewery’s interpretation of a west coast style IPA, Great Return, is good, but a bit more malt forward than I would expect for the style. 


Farm to Face

A spectacular peach lambic from Allagash Brewing.  Tart with distinct fruitiness,  but not sweet,  and with a clean finish.  Found this bottle at Brabant in South Park. 


Red Rock Rêve

We’ve been cellaring this bottle for a couple years, last night seemed a good time to open it. Low malt with a tangy apple cider flavor, it wasn’t as sour as I thought it would be. A very enjoyable bottle.


Icy Bay IPA

First time I had this IPA. Seemed like a good beer for Christmas. Turns out it was.


Ahhh Decadence

Some might say that Christmas eve is the wrong time for Decadence. I, on the other hand, believe it is the perfect time.


Dale’s Pale Ale at DIA Rootdown

A great few days of family, beer and snow.  Enjoying an Oskar Blues on draft while waiting on a plane… with fingers crossed in hopes my stowed beverages make it home safely.


Comrade Superpower IPA

Cheers to Comrade Brewery for this awesome 7.6% ABV west coast style IPA.  We found ourselves in Denver on a day their brewery was closed to the public… luckily we found on draft at Falling Rock Tap House… too drinkable, if there is such a thing.

Stone's Enjoy by Christmas

Enjoy by Christmas

Went to Maryland last week for the company Christmas party and decided to go out with some co-workers the night before. We dropped into Frisco’s Tap house in Columbia where they’d just tapped a fresh keg of Stone’s Enjoy By Christmas. A little lighter and brighter in flavor than some of the other Enjoy Bys, […]


Celebrate Good Times…Come On..

… it’s a Celebration.   Sierra Nevada 2014 Celebration to be exact.   6.8% ABV of fresh hop IPA yummyness,  and still only 8 bucks for a six’er.  


New Belgium Accumulation

A 6.2% ABV White India Pale Ale… just like it says on the decanter.  I’ve liked other breweries version of the same style better.  I found this a bit more dry than I wanted and the bitterness off somehow.


Golden Draak 10.5

2014 version of the brewmaster’s edition was aged in whiskey barrels.   Very smooth, somewhat sweet,  but not too sweet, with hints of toffee/vanilla flavors.  


2014 Holiday Yammer

Thanks Dave “Doggie Beer Bones” and Julie  for sharing your awesome home brew.  Really tasty.


Bolt Brewery in La Mesa

Quick stop by new brewery that just opened this past weekend… with an owner from the 1987 Bolt Brewery in Fallbrook. Nice outdoor patio and serving bar. 4 beers now with hopes for 20 soon. I tried the Chocolate Stout on nitro and enjoyed it. Others on tap included a Pilsner, Citra Pale Ale and […]


Bottlecraft LI moved…

Monday night we visited their new spot just a block North and across the street from their old location in Little Italy. Great expanded tap setup, tons of bottles, and nice new digs! I had the Prairie BOMB and Cherry Funk; Adam tried The Commons Urban Farmhouse and a couple IPAs. Niiiice


Cahoots II Saison

Very pleased with this light bodied saison from Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing.   Perfect post bike ride beverage.


Omniscience & Proselytism

Smells like a nice mix of sweet strawberries and the lacto of a lambic.  Tasting cold it is very tart with a dry finish.  Allow to warm a bit to get hints of fruit, though I don’t think I could have identified as strawberry.  Very tasty.  Big thanks to Julie PubQuest for smuggling it back […]


Pipeworks Derketo

Derketo is a 10% ABV imperial IPA fermented with Belgian wit yeast from Chicago’s own Pipeworks Brewing, smuggled back from our recent trip.  Lots of resin over the pine notes.  Nice bitterness with a dry finish.  Not as much malty sweetness as I expected, which is good.   The wit yeast makes it different, though not […]


Fall Brewing in North Park

Stopped in to check out this new brewery open a week or so… 6 on draft and 1 on cask. Plenty more planned for upcoming Grand Opening! #bikestop


Yay! Birthday Pliny

Beer gifts are a good idea.  Making it a Pliny the Elder is a great idea.   Thx Michele.

Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA

Orlando I-4 IPA

Another solid offering from Orlando Brewing, I-4 IPA is a nice balance of malt and hops in a classic American IPA. Good stuff, Florida.