My Beer Pix

A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.


We’ve got smartphones and a lot of great beers. Why wouldn’t we take pictures of them?

Beer Molly, The Original Beer Pix Girl

Cheers from Beer Molly!

Terri (aka: Beer Molly)

I’m Molly and I love beer, particularly porters and stouts. The darker the better. (Among my favorites are Stone Smoked Porter and Black Butte Porter.) I’m always in search of great new beers and spend a lot of my time with my husband and beer drinking partner seeking out new brews and brew pubs.

A few years ago I got a cameraphone and discovered that I loved taking shots of my beers and sending them to my friends. So many shots in fact that my friends started begging me to stop sending them my pics. (Jealous, no doubt.) So I got myself a blog and now I share my beer pix with people who really appreciate them — other beer lovers. Sometimes I post pics directly from my phone, and other times I do it from my computer, but either way, there’s always lots of great beer involved.

If you’d like to share your own beer pix or suggestions for beer I should try, feel free to drop me a line at “beermolly (at) mybeerpix (dot) com”.

Sage, Long Term Good Beer Drinker

Beer Sage

Sage (aka: Beer Sage)

I’m Sage, Molly’s husband and beer drinking partner (as well as the guy who fireman-carries her out of the pub now and then). Unlike Molly who likes a dark, smoky, chocolately porter or stout more than anything, I’m a total hophead. Given the choice between 30 and 130 IBUs, I’ll take the 130 every time. Among my favorites are Port Brewing’s Hop 15, Russian River’s Blind Pig, Port Brewing’s Mongo Dobule IPA, and Alpine Beer’s Nelson, but I like to try just about anything that’ll give my tastebuds a challenge.

I’m not the camera-princess that Molly is, so you won’t see many pics from me. But as a beer-lover and longtime homebrewer you will get more details about the brews and where to find them than you will from my lovely wife.

If you’ve got comments about a post, suggestions for good beers or beer pubs to try, or just want to drop me a line, you can email me at sage (at) mybeerpix (dot) com.

Adam, Man About Town

Adam Tillotson


You’ll recognize Adam in a number of our photos, but until recently he wasn’t able to contribute his own photos because he had an ancient mobile phone. But bow that he’s got a new cameraphone he’s a picture taking fool.

Located here in San Diego, by virtue of his job as an HVAC contractor (feel free to ask him about air conditioning) he gets to travel all over the county on jobs. Conveniently nearly all of these jobs are located near breweries/brewpubs/bars, so Adam often pops in to give us a visual update of what’s on tap in the region (and beyond when he travels).

For a guy that’s well over 6 feet tall, many find Adam’s fondness for tiny things (hats, glasses, dogs, etc.) interesting. But beer isn’t one of them. For him, the bigger the better. You’ll find him gravitating to beers like double IPAs and imperial stouts as well as a lot of barrel-aged rarities.

You can email Adam at: adam (at) mybeerpix (dot) com

Michele, Beer Huntress

Michele the Beer Huntress

By day Michele’s a mild-mannered career woman and mother. By night (and many afternoons and weekends) she becomes the Beer Huntress, seeking out great beer in pretty much every corner of the world.

We’ve never been to her lair (cloistered somewhere in the hills of La Jolla), but we have it on good authority that the place is packed wall-to-wall with an incredible selection of brews that’d make most tickers’ hearts stop. Coincidentally, as the arm candy of Adam (above), she’s also made his heart stop once or twice.

Michele’s photographic talent is well beyond the rest of ours, so all those lovely photos of beer in stemware overlooking the ocean — yeah, those are hers.

You can email Michele at michele (at) mybeerpix (dot) com